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High Performance Skincare Products

Aster Skincare’s range of products was developed to support the new applications in Laser Treatments, LED Therapy and Ultasound Dermaphoresis: This has evolved into a leading range of cosmeceuticals developed for therapeutic skin treatments and sophisticated home care and anti-ageing programmes.

In partnership with the innovative Pharma group, Cerepharma, Aster Skincare distribute a high performance reparative and preventative anti-ageing skincare range. Comprising the ContrÂge, Clarifort, CerActif, Ceresens and H-Stim range, Aster Skincare provide a full programme of treatments for the face and body. Products that meet the needs of routine home care and skin protection as well as providing a basis for professional treatments in Aesthetic Clinics and Beauty Centres.


Training in the principals of dermo-cosmetics are an integral part of Aster Skincare’s support.

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