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Hair Renewal

LED /HStim therapy

If you suffer from hair loss or notice it is getting thinner, we can provide a clinically proven treatment programme. H-Stim, a new non-invasive hair renewal serum combines a powerful range of proven active formulations known to relieve the problems of thinning hair. When combined with ‘in-clinic’ red-diode light therapy, H-Stim Recovery Serum is proven to be very effective against excessive hair loss.

This serum has been special designed to offer a new solution for the prevention of premature ageing of the hair follicles. The active ingredients in the formula have a positive effect on the hair:

Stimulates hair growth

Prolongs the life span of hair

Increases the density and fullness

Revitalises dormant follicles

Suitable for men and women

The unique formula helps to prevent stiffening of the collagen and nourishes the hair from the root, resulting in stronger, thicker and more luxuriant hair. This product is an ideal complement to any hair care routine but especially when used with Diode Light Therapy.

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