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Full featured and LabView based multi-parameter skin analysis:

In the DermaLab® Combo we have concentrated all our knowledge in one flexible concept with the goal to be able to offer all parameters in one instrument.

The result is an instrument, which for the first time offers skin ultrasound for instant skin assessment in combination with traditional skin parameters such as elasticity, hydration, sebum etc.

The DermaLab® Combo is a fully configurable skin analysis device based upon the same technologies being used in the DermaScan® and DermaLab® series, which have successfully proven their value as scientific research instruments.

Two configurations are available

The SkinLab Combo for scientific skin analysis – ideal for product testing as well as research work.

Presents high accuracy measurements in standardized units.

The Clinique Combo – fulfills the need for non-invasive and objective skin assessment in aesthetic setups by presenting easy-to-understand results (scores) and easy-to-operate menus.

This configuration can easily be customized and adapted to specific product recommendations.

Skin Imaging and Dermoscopy

MoleMax™ is an integrated system for Digital Epiluminescence Microscopy (DELM) and macro imaging developed jointly with dermatologists and clinics for use in dermatological practice.


MoleMax™ Features

All major MoleMax™ systems use a top-quality zoom camera with in-built direct lighting for body area location macro images

By attaching a micro ELM lens, direct contact images of lesions can be accurately imaged with magnifications of 20, 30 or 40x. A further lens is available to extend the magnification obtained to 80 or 100x, visualized on a top quality digital screen.

MoleMax™ unique quality is its use of polarized light, enabling accurate determination of the depth of any lesion

MoleMax™ Advantages

No immersion oil or contact fluids for digital Dermatoscopy required thanks to the patented cross polarization illumination (although available if specified)

The system is entirely operable from the user friendly hand-held camera mouse, giving considerable freedom for the operator

Automatic recognition of ELM or macro imaging mode ensures fast and easy examination

Logical linking of macro, close up and ELM image as well as additional import of histo pathological images

Reliable software, as proved by more than 2000 world wide users

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