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Monochromatic UVB light of 308 nm for vitiligo, psoriasis and many other skin diseases: The ExSys 308 excimer light system is the optimal solution for targeted UVB treatment: effective, affordable, easy to use and versatile.

Monochromatic light

Excimer laser of 308 nm are proven to be effective for many skin diseases. Excimer lamps emit the same monochromatic light View emission spectrum.

They are as effective as Excimer laser – at a fraction of the cost


Power density of 50 mW/cm²
Typical treatment time:
1-3 sec for a vitiligo lesion
2-7 sec for a psoriasis lesion

Optimized treatment strategies for vitiligo and psoriasis
The knowledge of leading experts is stored in the software
ExSys 308 makes your UVB treatment safe and effective

Automated med tests
The measurement of the Minimal Erythema Dose (MED) of your patients is simple, fast and reliable

Adjustable treatment area
Maximum size: 50 mm x 35 mm
Adjustable by selecting between various treatment tips.

Attractive and compact design
30 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm
Fully transportable

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